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Traditional Flavors

Classic Island Vanilla Cupcake- Topped with Vanilla buttercream


Decadent Chocolate Cupcake - Chocolate cupcake dipped in chocolate ganache topped with Chocolate buttercream and chocolate drizzle


Classic Red Velvet Cupcake - Topped with cream cheese frosting and red velvet crumbs


Coconut Cupcake – Topped with a Coconut buttercream

Banana Cupcake – Topped with cream cheese icing


Specialty Cupcake Combinations


Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcake - Chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate ganache topped with Hazelnut buttercream with a chocolate drizzle.



Banana Foster Cupcake - Banana Cupcake filled with banana foster topped with cream cheese frosting and caramel drizzle.


Carrot Cupcake - Topped with Cream cheese Icing.


Pina Colada Cupcake - Pina Colada Cupcake filled with pineapple compote topped with a coconut buttercream sprinkled with fresh roasted coconut.


Ginger Beer Cupcake – Ginger beer Cupcake filled with a ginger apple compote topped with a smooth cream cheese frosting and caramel drizzle


Rum Cake – A classic island vanilla cupcake soaked in Caribbean Dark rum, topped with a Rum vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with caramel


Drunken Carrot – Carrot cupcake soaked in Caribbean Dark Rum, topped with a rum cream cheese icing


Island Treats


Caribbean Coconut Tart – Traditional dessert with a cakey crust filled with a sweet coconut filling.

Mini Coconut Tarts – Mini cupcake diameter of the Caribbean coconut tarts. Individual serving.




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